OCR Services

With OCR Scanning Services basically anything currently on paper, in image files (PDF, jpg, gif, tif, etc.) or that comes across your field of vision can be scanned into the format of your choice as editable text files.

What can OCR Scanning Services do for you?

  • Convert PDF's to searchable PDF's, spreadsheets, editable text files.
  • Convert paper documents to a text format (like Word) so that you can then edit them.
  • Convert manuals, attendee lists, directories, any publication into the editable format of your choice.
  • We excel in conversion to XML formats for your website and intranet.
  • We can produce spreadsheets and databases of information so you can get at, apply and analyze it, thus liberating your data from its paper prison.
  • Recover data from hard drive crashes and other disasters where only hard copy is left.
  • Save you time, money and aggravation.

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Have It YOUR Way

As established leaders with a sterling reputation in the field of image and document scanning and OCR services, we can help you obtain relevant, editable text and data from almost any source and you can have it your way.

Face it, converting paper documents and image files to useable data and editable text can be stressful. Typically the results do not come out the way you would have it. We specialize in converting documents and image files of any kind. Choosing Saturn OCR Service, a recognized leader with a proven track record, is a wise move for stress-free document conversion projects.

Saturn OCR Service has been scanning paper and image files providing high-quality, useable data for almost thirty years. Our sincere commitment to quality and client satisfaction insures that your ocr scanning projects are done right and delivered on time providing significant savings in money, time and headaches.

Provide us with a representative sample of the materials to be scanned. We will provide, via email, the output of the sample to your specifications in the format of your choice with a firm quote completely free of charge. Email or call 702 648-0767 today!