What is OCR?

Optical Character Recognition

The process of turning pages and images of text into computer readable form so that a word processor, spreadsheet, and other computer software can use it is called optical character recognition (OCR). Saturn OCR Scanning Services use proprietary OCR software coupled with custom programming to scan your documents and convert them to popular computer readable formats.

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah," you say, "Been there, done that,
and it doesn't produce the desired result."

That's true. The output of commercially available OCR software and free online OCR services leaves a lot to be desired. While the technology has been around for years, it has also been a hit-or-miss process. The hit-or-miss results of pattern-recognition systems helped establish OCR's reputation for inaccuracy. Recognizing characters is a problem that at first seems extremely simple - but it's extremely difficult in practice. That's why we look at scanning as an art rather than a science. Our experience has taught us that one rarely achieves the expected results, so we write filters (usually small code snippets) to correct the usual errors inherent in the output of OCR software thus producing a much better output to be proofed.

Computer time is cheap. The more we can get the computer to do the less we have to do manually. The less we have to do manually reduces the time required to complete the project which reduces the associated costs. Text scanning and OCR can be significantly faster than ordinary typing, which requires proofreading and error correction as well, so on a comparative basis, our service is very cost-effective.

What can OCR Scanning Services do for you?

Have those document scanning and conversion projects done by experts. Saturn's team is already equipped and well trained. We bring vast experience and technical expertise to clients in academic, commercial and institutional markets. Since 1990, Saturn has provided OCR services that deliver accurate, timely and usable data. This equates to efficiency and flexibility in converting documents into proper computer-readable formats.

Our solutions are developed after careful analysis of document quality and client requirements. Knowing your project is in good hands makes for an anxiety free conversion experience. This is what you get when you choose Saturn OCR Service solutions.

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Still not convinced?

We suggest you send us a representative sample of the materials to be scanned. We will provide, via email, the output of the sample in the format of your choice, to your specifications with a firm quote completely free of charge. Email or call 702 648-0767 today!